John J. Brown (Pinewood Gardens VT) has designed and constructed two landscape designs for my homes. I heartily endorse his design and implementation wor. He is very conscientious about the quality of his work and i eagerly recommend your consideration of PineWood for your work.
Should you have any questions regarding Jhon, Please feel free to contact me.

Kimberly J. Pinto

Infinite Wealth Planners

In every case, John J. Brown (Pinewood Gradens VT) has been professional, competent, competitive, knowledgeable and dependable. the plant material he has been excellent and we have lost only a very small number of plants. he has worked in some most difficult weather conditions in order to meet my time requirments and fulfill his commitments to me, I heartly recommend Scot personality and as a professional.

Cynthia H. Johnson

President , T.C. Carwford